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Dr.Rohit Metrani


Dr.Rohit Metrani (1968-2021) was the cheer leader, inspirer-in-chief, impetus and motivator who helped Monarch start its next journey of innovation, rapid growth and expansion. A livewire brilliant doctor with a never say die attitude and believed that anything is possible as long as you try. He took over the business from the Founder in the month of June 2021. In a span of 5 months he had learnt the business, products and science which was totally alien to him. He turned around the fortunes of the company by adding new products to the portfolio, streamlining the systems and processes, adding new customers and making the ecosystem much more efficient.

He was a passionate doctor to family, friends, employees and total strangers. His penchant for adventure and always to try out something new made him adventurous all through his life and his indomitable spirit always rose to the occasion and facilitated him to lead from the front. His personality had all the nuances of a great human being. He valued friendship, integrity and loyalty. He showed great respect, love and concern to his family, parents, friends and colleagues in equal measure.

He has left an indelible mark on the company.

It is now for the company to take the legacy and vison of the founder and Inspirer-In-Chief, forward.